Friday, August 13, 2010

The Hunt begins ...

and here is a lil help for everyone of you ...

HINTS to help you :

  1. 22769 casual couture - Please click the hintgiver in front of the store
  2. J's Gemstones - the crown is close to a ladies best friend
  3. stylesucks - TWO CROWNS HIDDEN: HEROS (for him) - hmmm maybe this will COMPLETE my outfit / HEROINES (for her) - where you think you are going with these guns?
  4. The Taylor Collection Gallery - no hint given
  5. <3 JFC Store @ Chery Beach - no hint given
  6. *MF*Creation - The Bridals have a look of the Hunt-Gift
  7. JPC Outlet - Just the hints are at the floor... your prize isn't
  8. Azure Jazz Club and Art Gallery - Don't stand on ceremony, lower the bar... take some time for tea, and there you are!
  9. Histamin Fashion Store - It´s  black, you wear it to a gown but where is the crown ..?
  10. OUT OF HUNT - please jump to next store L & D ***LOVE & DESIRE*** - no hint given
  11. :::Marielicious:: EveryONE Fashions - no hint given
  12. Lion's Den Plants & Trees - no hint given
  13. [Freya] - no hint given
  14. E & S Avatar Makeovers - Up, Up and Away
  15.  Surf Shop - no hint given
  16. ~*marret*~ by Liepling Allen - Crowns are luxurious and shine
  17. Landsberg & Co. Mall & Main Store - no hint given
  18. Tripology Club - "I'm somewhere breezy,occasionally get wet,and constantly dizzy!!! "
  19. Taylor's Closet - no hint given
  20. TopHat Club - no hint given
  21. HCC His Closet Collection - You can ring the BELL....but I would just have a seat !
  22. The Artorious Gallery at Fasnia - Aquatic Revolution
  23. Lastat Productions - You'll find a crown next to a relaxing sound.
  24. Kitty Kit - here, kitty kitty kitty
  25. zibber's jewelry & silks - no hint given
  26. Sunshine Fashions - no hint given
  27. OUT OF HUNT  - please jump to next store MarMar Creations - no hint given
  28. Fashion Point - no hint given
  29. Toxic Mind store - This item gives you great joy on the dancefloor
  30. AJ Designs - no hint given
  31. PNC System Stores - Below a picture is the prize Which is large and nice in size
  32. The Gift Box - no hint given
  34. Fashion Evolution - TWO CROWNS HIDDEN: CROWN ONE: kill the cat! / CROWN TWO: everything good comes from above
  35. A Taste of Honey - February's birthstone is used to create a lovely addition to your garden.
  36. R&R Créations for SL - no hint given
  37. S&N Fashions,Furniture & Art Gallery - On the first or second floor,look for something red to sit on (red carpet not included)

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  1. THe Hunt is really fun :-) We did the first half on friday, and this evening we are going to do the second-half... Nice stores taking part... I even bought something already, and I won at a lucky chair at another... On a sidenote: Really cool Motorbikes as huntitems ... WOW!