Friday, July 16, 2010

Application starts NOW!


like said - we are preparing right now the second edition of the LUXORY HUNT. A hunt that runs on the LUXORY ESTATE SIMS (Sunny Island, Arafo, Greer, Greer West, Fama, Fama West, Fasnia, Cherry Beach, Pomoona and Fashion Place) only. Please make sure that your business is actually on one of these sims - otherwise we can not accept your application unfortunately.

Hunt runs from 13th August - 12th September
The Huntchain is a loop - the landmarks of the huntchain lead back to your shop again.

Applications for the hunt can be sent to Paco Pooley or Manuel Ormidale.

Deadline: The last day applications become accepted is 31st July - NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED LATER!

Please name it: LH2 - (your shop) - (your name)

LUXORY HUNT (2nd edition)
Store Name:
Owner Name:
Alt. Contact Name:
What do you sell:

item you want to create for the hunt:

please keep in mind that the name of the hunt is LUXORY. So please try to do an gift that relates to that theme. So what is luxory for you? Find out and craft an item that matches your vision - cause that is what makes a hunt so special and big :-)

Please send the application inworld to Manuel Ormidale or Paco Pooley :-)

Also - like with the last hunt - we will publish pictures of the huntgifts here on the blog. So please send some pictures of your huntgifts fullperm to us.

Thank you for your support - lets make this one great! ^^

LUXORY HUNT 2 edition

Yeah, the hunt for Luxory Items continues.
Now the application phase starts on the LUXORY ESTATE commercial sims. For the second edition of the LUXORY Hunt.