Thursday, August 5, 2010

Applications closed!

Howdy everybody,
by now the applications are closed. We gained again really beautiful and high quality stores for the second edition of the LUXORY HUNT and we are really really proud of that.
Within the next two days Manuel and myself are finalising the huntchain. Although the huntitems will have numbers for organisation purposes there is no starting or ending point for the hunt, since this hunt is a loop. Hunters can start everywhere on the Luxory Estate Sims, where they spot the huntsign. If they come back to the shop again, they made the whole hunt - yayy :-)
We will send out the huntpackages to the participationg vendors tomorrow Friday 6th August 2010. These will contain the following:
  • The huntitem (already contains the landmark to the next shop) - in this hunt it is again the crown
  • Huntpaths for shops in shoppingmalls (usage optional)
  • A notecard for the shopgroups of the participating vendors for advertising the hunt
  • Instruction-Notecards and also the date for the first Walkthru (checking the Landmarks in the gifts)

Starting tomorrow: All Vendors - please send us your hunt hint for this webpage via notecard inworld. This is very much appreciated by the hunters :-) Also - if you have - send us inworld a picture of your huntgift FULL PERM for showcasing it on this blog as soon as the hunt starts.
If you have any further questions please contact Paco Pooley or Manuel Ormidale - we are very happy to help :-)
hugz Paco

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