Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Walkthru starts today!

Howdy everybody,

by now you all have received your huntpackage for the Luxory hunt. The packages contain

  • your huntitem (the crown) with the landmark to the next shop already in it
  • huntpaths
  • notecard for your business-group(s)
  • the huntsign

We will do a walkthru today, Sunday 8th August 2010. Please make sure the following:

  1. You all have your huntsigns up in front of your store! (the one with above published graphic on it)
  2. You all have rezzed your delivered huntitems ABOVE the huntsign. The crowns should not have the gift inside already. This is only for us to control if everybody has the right landmark for the next shop and that the chain is intact. We will contact you, as soon as everything is fine and then you can take back the crown in your inventory til 12th august :-)

Please do not forget to send us your pictures of your huntgifts inworld fullperm and also a hint for the hideout in your store for the hints we are going to publish on 13th August 2010 :-)

Thanxx for your support

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