Monday, August 23, 2010

Reading about the Luxory Hunt

Hi everyone,
while I wait for paco coming to second life today, i decide to google  a lil bit about the luxory hunt .. and ya know what: I'm impressed by the coverage of the Luxory Hunt in different types of blogs. Most of the results I found, i will show you here.
Hopefully you have much as fun reading them as I did.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Luxory

Gift donated by [S&N Fashions,Furniture & Art Gallery]

Gift donated by [L & D ***LOVE & DESIRE***]

Gift donated by [AJ-Designs]

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The smell of a LUXORY weekend ...

Gifts donated by [Fashion Evolution] (2 Crowns)

Gift donated by [JPC Outlet]

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Luxory Sunday

Gift Donated by [E & S Avatar Makeovers]

Gift donated by [Histamin Fashion Store]

Gift donated by [The Gift Box]

Friday, August 13, 2010

Let the games begin...

Yayy - today ist the start of the 2nd Luxory Hunt - and always remember - when you are stuck somewhere - the hints have all the SURLs to the next place. But do not give up too soon - as you can se here - it is worth to search :-)

Donated by [Freya]

Donated by R&R Créations for SL

Donated by stylesucks

The Hunt begins ...

and here is a lil help for everyone of you ...

HINTS to help you :

  1. 22769 casual couture - Please click the hintgiver in front of the store
  2. J's Gemstones - the crown is close to a ladies best friend
  3. stylesucks - TWO CROWNS HIDDEN: HEROS (for him) - hmmm maybe this will COMPLETE my outfit / HEROINES (for her) - where you think you are going with these guns?
  4. The Taylor Collection Gallery - no hint given
  5. <3 JFC Store @ Chery Beach - no hint given
  6. *MF*Creation - The Bridals have a look of the Hunt-Gift
  7. JPC Outlet - Just the hints are at the floor... your prize isn't
  8. Azure Jazz Club and Art Gallery - Don't stand on ceremony, lower the bar... take some time for tea, and there you are!
  9. Histamin Fashion Store - It´s  black, you wear it to a gown but where is the crown ..?
  10. OUT OF HUNT - please jump to next store L & D ***LOVE & DESIRE*** - no hint given
  11. :::Marielicious:: EveryONE Fashions - no hint given
  12. Lion's Den Plants & Trees - no hint given
  13. [Freya] - no hint given
  14. E & S Avatar Makeovers - Up, Up and Away
  15.  Surf Shop - no hint given
  16. ~*marret*~ by Liepling Allen - Crowns are luxurious and shine
  17. Landsberg & Co. Mall & Main Store - no hint given
  18. Tripology Club - "I'm somewhere breezy,occasionally get wet,and constantly dizzy!!! "
  19. Taylor's Closet - no hint given
  20. TopHat Club - no hint given
  21. HCC His Closet Collection - You can ring the BELL....but I would just have a seat !
  22. The Artorious Gallery at Fasnia - Aquatic Revolution
  23. Lastat Productions - You'll find a crown next to a relaxing sound.
  24. Kitty Kit - here, kitty kitty kitty
  25. zibber's jewelry & silks - no hint given
  26. Sunshine Fashions - no hint given
  27. OUT OF HUNT  - please jump to next store MarMar Creations - no hint given
  28. Fashion Point - no hint given
  29. Toxic Mind store - This item gives you great joy on the dancefloor
  30. AJ Designs - no hint given
  31. PNC System Stores - Below a picture is the prize Which is large and nice in size
  32. The Gift Box - no hint given
  34. Fashion Evolution - TWO CROWNS HIDDEN: CROWN ONE: kill the cat! / CROWN TWO: everything good comes from above
  35. A Taste of Honey - February's birthstone is used to create a lovely addition to your garden.
  36. R&R Créations for SL - no hint given
  37. S&N Fashions,Furniture & Art Gallery - On the first or second floor,look for something red to sit on (red carpet not included)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Huntstart only hours away - yayy!

The hunt starts in a few hours - and it is just the perfect time to show some of the gifts you can expect from the LUXORY HUNT 2nd edition:

Donated by *MF* Creation

Donated by HCC His Closet Collection

Donated by Landsberg & Co.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Walkthru starts today!

Howdy everybody,

by now you all have received your huntpackage for the Luxory hunt. The packages contain

  • your huntitem (the crown) with the landmark to the next shop already in it
  • huntpaths
  • notecard for your business-group(s)
  • the huntsign

We will do a walkthru today, Sunday 8th August 2010. Please make sure the following:

  1. You all have your huntsigns up in front of your store! (the one with above published graphic on it)
  2. You all have rezzed your delivered huntitems ABOVE the huntsign. The crowns should not have the gift inside already. This is only for us to control if everybody has the right landmark for the next shop and that the chain is intact. We will contact you, as soon as everything is fine and then you can take back the crown in your inventory til 12th august :-)

Please do not forget to send us your pictures of your huntgifts inworld fullperm and also a hint for the hideout in your store for the hints we are going to publish on 13th August 2010 :-)

Thanxx for your support

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Applications closed!

Howdy everybody,
by now the applications are closed. We gained again really beautiful and high quality stores for the second edition of the LUXORY HUNT and we are really really proud of that.
Within the next two days Manuel and myself are finalising the huntchain. Although the huntitems will have numbers for organisation purposes there is no starting or ending point for the hunt, since this hunt is a loop. Hunters can start everywhere on the Luxory Estate Sims, where they spot the huntsign. If they come back to the shop again, they made the whole hunt - yayy :-)
We will send out the huntpackages to the participationg vendors tomorrow Friday 6th August 2010. These will contain the following:
  • The huntitem (already contains the landmark to the next shop) - in this hunt it is again the crown
  • Huntpaths for shops in shoppingmalls (usage optional)
  • A notecard for the shopgroups of the participating vendors for advertising the hunt
  • Instruction-Notecards and also the date for the first Walkthru (checking the Landmarks in the gifts)

Starting tomorrow: All Vendors - please send us your hunt hint for this webpage via notecard inworld. This is very much appreciated by the hunters :-) Also - if you have - send us inworld a picture of your huntgift FULL PERM for showcasing it on this blog as soon as the hunt starts.
If you have any further questions please contact Paco Pooley or Manuel Ormidale - we are very happy to help :-)
hugz Paco